Brothers Steve and Paul are in their 50s. And i think you’ll all agree that they look in pretty good shape now after 6 months training with Will Power. Steve and Paul have been training with me for about 6 months. The brothers both bought in a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor when they started their training package. This has been a great addition to their training. The heart rate monitor really maximizes their productivity during training sessions. For starters I have set the target heart rate zones with an audible lower and upper heart rate limit. The reason for this is when persons are over 45 years of age you have to be aware of cardiac arrest when pushing the cardio training. So when Steve and Paul reach an upper limit of 170 they stop and let their heart rate come down to 130 then go again. The heart rate monitors give a summary after every session. The summary gives..

  1. Total training time
  2. Time spent in the target heart rate zone
  3. Maximum heart rate
  4. Average heart rate
  5. Calories burnt.

So we have head great fun in trying to get the highest calorie count each session. I even had the guys working against each other with the incentive of a prize for the highest calorie count in a session. Steve and Paul typically will burn around 550 calories per session. But today’s session on Domain Rd was something special with both guys burning 700 calories in 1 hour. To put it into perspective a Mars Bar has 448 Calories.

This is an outstanding achievement and they were very happy with their efforts. I highly encourage all my clients to invest the minimal dollars in this unit as it totally maximizes your productivity during your training sessions.

See you all next session.