The motto here at Will Power personal training is to provide a total health package including diet, fitness training, education and motivation.
Will Power personal training® has been designed to look after you and your fitness needs 7 days a week.

Will will give you %110 of his energy at all times.
Will will be at the agreed location for you, on time rain, hail or shine.

Will is unique in that we he extremely motivated and thoroughly enjoy what we do.
The difference between Will Power Personal Training and all the rest, is that Will does the exercises with you. He will run with you, walk with you and motivate you.
We all know that trying to reach your health and fitness goals in the gym is not only hard and boring work but often you are just treading water as far as getting serious results.
Will Power personal training is heavily based outdoors. In order to give you an interesting and varied training atmosphere, whether that be around the local lake, on the beach or around the town’s botanical gardens. This way you will actually burn a lot more body fat than if you were stuck in the gym on a treadmill.Our trainers offer you a unique service that is

With large group training you get what you pay for. If you pay $15 to be part of a group of 30 people then there is no way that you will get the attention that you deserve and you will without a doubt join the ever increasing demographic of BOOTCAMP RELATED INJURIES.
Will Power is quality tailored personal training.
Will Power utilizes a fully equipped gym should you wish to work on weights – or if it’s raining.
Will works to your specific requirements, aiming towards long term fitness goals, creating custom made fitness programs that suit each client’s individual needs and requirements in an enjoyable and fun environment.
You will get the results that you have always wanted in a fraction of the time that you would have spent on your own.
Will is a tertiary qualified “Master Trainer” with level 4 certificate in fitness, state registered and fully insured with public liability insurance.