Will Power Personal Training® offers low intensity training, high intensity training, 1on1, Group training,  diet monitoring, recipes, exercise to do at home each week and more.

Will Power has tailored programs for juveniles and the elderly, including everything from rehabilitation to sports-specific training.

Your Personal Trainer will start you with a complete computerized fitness assessment on your first session. You will hen be encouraged to have fitness assessments at 3 month intervals.
Typically most people will start training anywhere from 1 to 3 times per week with each of those sessions being 45 minutes in duration. This way you will achieve realistic results with Your Personal Trainer. Your exercise program structure will depend on what you have asked us to achieve with you. All this will be summed up in your pre exercise health and fitness questionnaire.

Should you wish to then you have have one of our trainers monitor your diet 7 days a week.
My 13 years as a Qualified Chef gives you great incites into the diet side of things as well.