Hi. My name is Will Faulkner.

I am a tertiary qualified “Master Trainer” with level 4 certificate in fitness, nationally registered and fully insured with public liability insurance.

I am qualified in training older adults and children. I specialize in training clients over 40 years old.

Operating full time since the year 1999 the motto here at Will Power personal training is Consistency Breeds Results.

You will notice over time that we often seem to do the same exercises. Why do we do this? Because consistency breeds results. When I see that you are not struggling with an exercise and have conquered it.

I will then and only then advise a different exercise or a heavier weight.

I will give you 110% of my energy at all times.

I will be at the agreed location for you, on time rain, hail or shine.

I only take on select clients these days.

Please make contact to see if I can help you.

Thank you.



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Will Power personal training is located outdoors at the Melbourne botanic gardens. I will work with you to achieve your long-term fitness goals. The work will not be easy but it will bring results over time.
I know this because I do the same workouts I advise you.
I do them 7 days a week and they work! Will Power utilizes a fully equipped gym in Prahran should you wish to work on weights – or if it’s raining.