Your fitness is the most important factor at Will Power.This business has been around since the year 2000 and has outlasted nearly all it’s competitors. But without a few basic guidelines this business would not be able to survive to serve your needs. So below are the basic points to note when starting or renewing your personal training program.
1 Sessions are still charged unless you cancel before 8 pm the day before your session. Cancellations will only be accepted via phone call or text message.
2 If you do not show for your session your trainer will wait no more than 15 minutes.
3 12 week training program memberships expire after 14 weeks.
4 If your trainer postpones the session due to illness or travel then your subscription will be suspended.
5 Sessions are only defaulted to the gym centre upon a decision of rain made by your trainer. Sessions are still held outside in drizzle.
6 Sessions in the heat will still be held outside but will be held in the shade. If you choose to cancel on the day because of the heat then your session is forfeited.
7 Lastly have fun and enjoy your training 🙂